3:53pm on May 22nd, 2007

The following is a timeline of my life on Facebook, my profile pics and quotes from my wall during my online lifespan.
  • Fuck off i have enough friends..

Benji Burbs (no network) wrote
at 4:29pm on May 22nd, 2007
  • HELLOO 1992 you fucking TOSSBAG!!

Meghan Judge wrote
at 12:22pm on May 23rd, 2007
  • there he goes... one of gods own prototypes. too rare to live, and too obscure to die.

Benji Burbs (no network) wrote
at 11:32am on May 24th, 2007
  • Hey dickhead, why did you phone me yesterday from your office leave a message, then leave the office, and keep your phone off? How am I, Snoek Jesus, meant to get a hold of you?
Warren Van Rensburg wrote
at 11:54am on May 24th, 2007
  • Mother fucker's on Facebook. They day has finally come that ST[E]AK is moving with the times. Soon he will be able to hook up to the internet with his pacemaker.
Rudi Cronje (no network) wrote
at 12:37pm on May 24th, 2007
  • You've sold out.
    I like it.

    Snoek for a fucking living I tell you.
Jarrad Nelson wrote
at 7:06pm on May 24th, 2007
  • Cheap vodka for the weekend - you choose the gutter
Martin Rippel (Brighton and Hove) wrote
at 12:26pm on May 31st, 2007
  • Is that Glenn Danzig?

Rudi Cronje (no network) wrote
at 11:30am on June 3rd, 2007
  • Can't you make a plan to get Slayer over here snoek-kop?
  • I know you know some people who knows some other people and shit...

Woltera Rolvink (no network) wrote
at 9:21am on June 4th, 2007
  • fkit... hoenderkop... you have to love it!
Ockie Fourie (no network) wrote
at 2:18pm on June 4th, 2007
  • Jy is hoeka al hoenderkop, huh Oubaas.

Woltera Rolvink (no network) wrote
at 7:59am on June 5th, 2007
  • Sweety darling, I must say, yesterday's mask really did something for your skin...You are looking fabulous today!

Manet Fernandez wrote
at 11:20am on June 5th, 2007
  • Piglet.... the voices never stop
Martin Rippel (Brighton and Hove) wrote
at 2:01pm on June 5th, 2007
  • You'll never get my shrill voice out of your head...

M-eightteen J Ninetwo-T wrote
at 12:22pm on June 6th, 2007

Barry Buck (no network) wrote
at 11:54am on June 7th, 2007
  • Boot Bar tonight! be there!
Warren Van Rensburg wrote
at 2:58pm on June 7th, 2007
  • That dog pic you tagged me in is amazing, thats the fucken ugliest dog I've ever seen
Cal Judge wrote
at 3:48pm on June 7th, 2007
  • Ay you bloody hippie hater! i don even know what to say to a comment like that. Are you to ugly to put a pic of your face on facebook? Might be mistaken for a virus...

Barry Buck (no network) wrote
at 9:16am on June 8th, 2007
  • Yeah Bitch, you've been bumped up to Boot Bar local status. congrats!
Matt Edwards wrote
at 9:16am on June 8th, 2007
  • Yeah I have listened to 'christ illusion' but am super unfamiliar with anything before 'God hates us all'... and the guy on the cover of 'Diabolus in Musica' just scares me too much to listen to that album... maybe I should give it a go.. *brrrr* it's cold in here all of a sudden...

Mike McLeod wrote
at 3:18pm on June 9th, 2007
  • Holy Jesus Steak! That pic is horrendous!
Kezia Eales wrote
at 4:39pm on June 10th, 2007
  • thanks for leading me to the lonehill thuglife group.. i feel so at home there.
Meghan Judge wrote
at 1:47pm on June 11th, 2007
  • darth vador and luke got lost on a night out in the galaxy and this current profile pic is the result...thats all i have to say about is. the true start of their sour relationship.THE REST IS MADE UP!!!!!

Cal Judge wrote
at 2:33pm on June 12th, 2007
  • Back in your day you played the penny whistle on a farm boy! haha no wait thats my dad...close enough ya old fart ;)
    Drum and chello sounds pretty rad actually! aka acid jazz??
    So when can me n the ghetto child pop round? we'l supply some of the dankest from thug hood if you get that girlfriend of yours to cook up a ninja storm..?

Caitlin Judge wrote
at 10:49am on June 14th, 2007
  • like your t-shirt, steffles. suits u

Ockie Fourie (no network) wrote
at 2:07pm on June 14th, 2007
  • Is daai bok gay?
Johnny Kotze (no network) wrote
at 3:56pm on June 14th, 2007
  • they think they know .. but they don't
Cal Judge wrote
at 4:09pm on June 14th, 2007
  • Hahaha fuck off!
    My sisters gona dump your ass when she hears about our 'little secret' lol

Johnny Kotze (no network) wrote
at 9:28am on June 15th, 2007
  • .. nice sneakers
Blane Venter wrote
at 11:22am on June 15th, 2007
  • I like the new look. Unkempt, yet refined in a post-modern distressed kinda way. It's so in this winter. Well done for keeping abreast of the latest trends. 10/10 on the snoek-meter Mr Naude.
Gia Thom wrote
at 3:34pm on June 15th, 2007
  • all hail his royal stefness! your pictures never - never - fail to brighten my day. oh and i'm glad you finally chose a profile pic of yourself. you should wear the leotard more often.
Rudi Cronje (no network) wrote
at 3:57pm on June 15th, 2007
  • Waar is Jesus se naam kry jy al hierdie fokken foto's van jou?
  • Kom fokken Kaap toe dat ons kan Kleinmond toe gaan en kan oorneem.

Manet Fernandez wrote
at 11:21am on June 18th, 2007
  • that picture gonna give me nightmares! hows Piglet hmmm? hear I got my license...
Nick Goodyear wrote
at 11:41am on June 18th, 2007
  • well steff im glad to see that you still suport the bulls in your profile pic , have you lost weight

Matt Edwards
at 5:53pm on June 18th, 2007
  • HAHAHAHA nice one... but I think the only 'Klan' I would ever want to be a part of is the Wu-Tang Clan... if thats alright with you...
    you must be getting hated on for that decision...possibly the most offemsive profile pic the FB has ever seen...

Martin Rippel (Brighton and Hove) wrote
at 10:40am on June 19th, 2007
  • Dude! I wish your were there! It was fucking amazing! I just wish I had a better camera so I could zoom in on all the Devo goodness properly. These geezers (which is what you would call them if you walked passed them in the street) rock: theu have a strength of a hundred wildebeast!
Roy Potterill wrote
at 10:10am on June 20th, 2007
  • You got all wrong my friend, that is the chop! underground dance styles by yours truly..
Nick Goodyear wrote
at 1:17pm on June 20th, 2007
  • but of coarse stef but i was thinking instead of sparklers how about roman candles ,buy the way are you still modeling for exit magazine? Oh yeah wanted to find out where i could get a snazzy cozi like that ?

Joanne Olivier wrote
at 4:24pm on June 20th, 2007
  • stef - where are youi in my life ? ive even added pics of you to my photo gallery

Barry Buck (no network) wrote
at 1:46pm on June 21st, 2007
  • .." ya looking mighty fine in them jeans boy"... nice pic steak
Woltera Rolvink (no network) wrote
at 1:51pm on June 21st, 2007
  • Buff!
Jp Redpath (no network) wrote
at 7:15pm on June 21st, 2007
  • so you feel like maybe you were taken advantage of when you were drunk and i took those pieces? i feel bad almost bad enough to give them back but they look mighty fine on my wall so it aint happenin haha next time i want art from you ill get you drunk and get you to sihn legal documants ill still feel guilty but a tad less paraniod haha

Meghan Judge wrote
at 4:25pm on June 25th, 2007
  • SO SOMEONE DIES TODAY!!!!!! who will it be? not me not me........................
Trevor Clarence wrote
at 11:01pm on June 25th, 2007
  • dont kill me...


    how will you know what my status is.............................

Gia Thom wrote
at 4:01pm on June 26th, 2007
  • are you still a kamikaze facebooker?
Rudi Cronje (no network) wrote
at 5:14pm on June 27th, 2007
  • Ag Stef, kom net Kaap toe dat ons kan gesuip raak asseblief.
    Fokkit tog.
Miguel Nunes (no network) wrote
at 5:42pm on June 27th, 2007
  • Kill me. I dare you.

Meghan Judge wrote
at 2:05pm on June 28th, 2007
  • lets all start a MURDER STEFF BEFORE HE KILLS US CAMPIAGN where we all delete him from our friends before he can delete us.fuck that shit!
Miguel Nunes (no network) wrote
at 2:09pm on June 28th, 2007
  • Here's that website you were looking for:
Johnny Kotze (no network) wrote
at 9:47am on June 29th, 2007
  • daai ouens was op 'n ander level gewees .. ek like nietzsche. genius
Blane Venter wrote
at 4:54pm on July 3rd, 2007
  • Stef, we at the snoek pond need our poster boy back... When u get reincarnated as a dingleberry please come back and have some fun. P.S. tell God i say hi.
Benji Burbs (no network) wrote
at 2:53pm on July 19th, 2007
  • Hey fuckhead stop sendign out group messages.
Martin Rippel (Brighton and Hove) wrote
at 1:49pm
  • skype
Stefan Naude died a quiet online death at 20:36pm on July 21st, 2007


Poster boy and Plum sauce man on the elite social awareness group of
For a Living (SFAL).

Blonde Elvis wrote

at 12:53pm on May 31st, 2007

  • Stephan Naude has been apointed the rank of Plum Sauceman.
    This is a very honourable and just rank for any snoek. A Plum Sauceman is better than a BJ's Burger but crapper than a Wimpy Burger.

    Well done Steak.
Stefan Naude' wrote
at 4:04pm on May 31st, 2007
  • Im am extatic, my life in the cyber realm is going good despite my religious views. i would like to take the time out and thank all my friends that stood by me and helped promote me to PLUM SAUCEMAN. To Meghan " i could not have achieve this without your support, I am standing on the shoulders of giants..." I take this award with pride, onwards and upwards i tell you.

Stefan Naude' wrote
at 1:45pm on June 9th, 2007
  • My dedication to this group is un matched. slowly i am working my way up to sit by the feet of the architects that developed this group. Walking gods amongst mortel men...
Blonde Elvis wrote
at 5:13pm on June 10th, 2007
Blonde Elvis wrote
at 4:19pm
  • Well i'm stunned! and i JCMIP!
  • Plum Sauceman! As a dead man i award you!

Stefan Naude' wrote
at 11:06am on June 11th, 2007
  • I will make you a shirt, but they are only for gold members, no rif raff.

Stefan Naude' wrote
at 3:29pm on June 4th, 2007

8-10 servings

This recipe, from Cecil Stoffberg, has for many years provided a popular, inexpensive, yet delicious meal. The apricot sauce is marvellous and very typical of the West Coast.

1 snoek, salted beforehand
pepper to taste

Apricot Basting Sauce
4 T (60 ml) mayonnaise
4 T (60 ml) garlic butter
4 T (60 ml) smooth apricot jam

Mayo Basting Sauce
1 c (250 ml) mayonnaise
6 T (90 ml) butter or margarine

Cut the ready-salted snoek into portions and sprinkle with pepper. Heat the ingredients for the basting sauce of your choice over low heat and mix well. Using a small brush, brush the fish with the sauce. Braai the fish over glowing coals – the coals must not be too hot – until the fish comes easily off the bone. Serve with fresh bread and a salad, or a toasted tomato and onion sandwich.

The snoek may also be baked in the oven, with either of the basting sauces.

Stefan Naude' wrote
at 9:18am on June 4th, 2007

That was epic
as i tickle my dick
i hit you with a half a brick
as you lick
up my sick

watch my feet move over the floor
i kick in your teeth and your door
you say want more
of my core

My belly is sore
shake it untill it is finished
rotten bread
under my bed

ride the steel horse
smoke pcp
under a tree
and you are free...

From "Dark Days"
by S Naude

Stefan Naude' wrote
at 11:48am on June 1st, 2007


Reign In Blood (1986)

Angel Of Death

[Lyrics & Music - Hanneman]

Auschwitz, the meaning of pain
The way that I want you to die
Slow death, immense decay
Showers that cleanse you of your life
Forced in
Like cattle
You run
Stripped of
Your life's worth
Human mice, for the Angel of Death
Four hundred thousand more to die
Angel of Death
Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
Sadistic, surgeon of demise
Sadist of the noblest blood

Destroying, without mercy
To benefit the Aryan race

Surgery, with no anesthesia
Feel the knife pierce you intensely
Inferior, no use to mankind
Strapped down screaming out to die
Angel of Death
Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
Infamous butcher,
Angel of Death



Despite the ongoing friend requests the signs were there as seclusion was in its final stages as the Angel of death came and claimed another lost soul for his banquet.